Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little pic i drew on paint i didnt do anyshading yet

Thursday, December 3, 2009

bored ms paint graffiti..

....i got bored in graphic design class, done in ms paint

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

misc?? idk randoms

...this was random pic of me tht i found on my computer?? i was 14 and carlos i was lookin like a pothead tht day..

athletics (soccer 2)

.....taken from the team pic me and bryan
...hit off my heal from a corner kickd i jumpd to get tht goal haha
...i kickd it around him

athletics (soccer)

.....My sexiness in the back numbr 17
.... head ball back

..... kid get off me
.....speed cant touch me

ya so ive been playin soccer pretty much all my life, outdoor, highschool, say, select, indoor, indoor select, cohed indoor. not to brag but im really good..

play pics (old)

those were some pics of the clifton play



well ya i hate ppl drama but i am a very good actor most ppl wouldnt expect it, but i am, i love acting things out thts why alot of ppl think im funny cuz i act my jokes out alot and comment on them lol. but anyways ive been ina couple plays in which i was the lead role. i have pics of one of the plays about clifton a area where my grade school was. my role was a skater in clifton with my two freinds, (in real life there are like a million skaters in clifton) but anyways we just talk through clifton and stuff it was cool.


but the main acting im known for is gettin girls, ive been called a master by everyone even the girls ive done it to. and i can trick them a million times and still get them to take me back, i know its not right but im great at it...
i can turn into any kindof guy and act wat the girl likes just to get wat i want. and they always fall for it...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

this is the graff artist merje from cinci, those r some pics there are alot more, if u type in (cinci merje) on google images ull get pics, i have pics tht i take and theres a website for cinci graffiti but i not gonna post tht

Monday, November 30, 2009

musically inclined

thts a really really old pic

the story on my musical life..this might be kinda lengthy but it how i got to were i am now.
it all started when i was little my parents used to play something called lord of the dance and i used to sit infront of the tv for hours justsittin there listenin to might seem like really lame music but its actually very sotthin its not classical or opra or anything it riverdance stuff,

but anyways after listenin to music so much wen i started walkin i started going around hittin my hands on stuff not to be destructive but to make noise i loved making noises like beats. so my parents got me a baby snare drums and i used to play with it all the time.

after awhile i played around with a guitar we had layin around but i never really took lessons i just learn from other ppl..if ppl ask me if im good ill say no, but actually if i think about it i can play anything if someone shows me atleast once.

but wat really got me was drums, one time at my gmas i went upstairs (a little kids adventure ya know) so while i was up there i got into the closet and look around and i found a old drums set that belonged to one of my dads brothers so i asked my gma if i could have it she agreed to lettin me havin it, it was really old crappy and beat up, there wasnt all of the peices to the drumset. so i used to play around with tht but my rents knew that drums was spmething tht i would really get into so they decided to buy a new drumset it was a beginner excel but it was a hell of alot better than the junk i got before.

my parents got me drum lessons but after a couple years the guy quit so i was on my own. by this time i played a couple school concerts and have been in a couple little bands. my parents got a pro silver pearl drumset (it def doesnt look pro or new anymore, but im gettin new heads so itll look better soon)

so now i combined both set together to make a really big set with lots of diff peices all tuned dif to increase my skill. ive been in so many bands i can even rembered all the names. Ive won many awards for being so musical and for my drum skill, ppl ask me to play for them and help with concerts all the time.

i can also play alot of other instruments but i never really take the time to practice those so thts just a little bit about my musical side <3

Ta crew (The Authority)

this a crew in cinci thts been gettin up alot latley.. my fav writer from this crew is merje he really good and i like his colors and style, he also has nice can control.

heres some other pics from them and writers of the crew

graff life (graffiti)

ok so i never really knew what to write about and i never really had ideas. and still now that i do many of you probly still wont like or approve of my posts..but thats ok because i know theres people that will, my cinci brothers, and the crews of cinci. ideas for bloags is to write about what i like the most even though that actually would be kitty lol, ok...then this is second most (graffiti).
from here on out ill be writing about the beef writers have in cinci whos up and whos locked up, and ill be postin pics..

even though this may sound boring to you and illegal to me its my life i love the dark nights the the sound and smell of paint.. the thrill of bombin.

although i like graffiti very much ill be writing about stuff yall might like to read to, like my life, kitty my girl. music. and just stuff i do

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

im sexy

ya so im nicko and i am sexy and if u dont think so ur crazy