Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little pic i drew on paint i didnt do anyshading yet

Thursday, December 3, 2009

bored ms paint graffiti..

....i got bored in graphic design class, done in ms paint

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

misc?? idk randoms

...this was random pic of me tht i found on my computer?? i was 14 and carlos i was lookin like a pothead tht day..

athletics (soccer 2)

.....taken from the team pic me and bryan
...hit off my heal from a corner kickd i jumpd to get tht goal haha
...i kickd it around him

athletics (soccer)

.....My sexiness in the back numbr 17
.... head ball back

..... kid get off me
.....speed cant touch me

ya so ive been playin soccer pretty much all my life, outdoor, highschool, say, select, indoor, indoor select, cohed indoor. not to brag but im really good..

play pics (old)

those were some pics of the clifton play



well ya i hate ppl drama but i am a very good actor most ppl wouldnt expect it, but i am, i love acting things out thts why alot of ppl think im funny cuz i act my jokes out alot and comment on them lol. but anyways ive been ina couple plays in which i was the lead role. i have pics of one of the plays about clifton a area where my grade school was. my role was a skater in clifton with my two freinds, (in real life there are like a million skaters in clifton) but anyways we just talk through clifton and stuff it was cool.


but the main acting im known for is gettin girls, ive been called a master by everyone even the girls ive done it to. and i can trick them a million times and still get them to take me back, i know its not right but im great at it...
i can turn into any kindof guy and act wat the girl likes just to get wat i want. and they always fall for it...