Monday, November 30, 2009

graff life (graffiti)

ok so i never really knew what to write about and i never really had ideas. and still now that i do many of you probly still wont like or approve of my posts..but thats ok because i know theres people that will, my cinci brothers, and the crews of cinci. ideas for bloags is to write about what i like the most even though that actually would be kitty lol, ok...then this is second most (graffiti).
from here on out ill be writing about the beef writers have in cinci whos up and whos locked up, and ill be postin pics..

even though this may sound boring to you and illegal to me its my life i love the dark nights the the sound and smell of paint.. the thrill of bombin.

although i like graffiti very much ill be writing about stuff yall might like to read to, like my life, kitty my girl. music. and just stuff i do

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